Ash filter for cleaning of hydrogen sulphide in landfill gas

Last changed: 13 April 2021

Landfill gas can contain up to 30 000 ppm of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Removal of H2S is necessary for the utilisation of landfill gas in combined heat and power production to reduce the corrosion in the engines. Today´s commercial cleaning technologies are costly and there is a need to develop more cost efficient methods. RISE (fd JTI) is the project leader and studies are performed at the Löt landfill, Vallentuna, SÖRAB.


The project's objective is to study the possibilities of removing H2S from landfill gas with the use of ash from incineration of municipal solid waste. The aim is to achieve < 50 ppm H2S in the gas after cleaning.

Participants from the department are Åke Nordberg and Ulf Hävermark.

The project is financed by RE:source 

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