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An introduction to Forest Genetics
by Gösta Eriksson, Inger Ekberg and David Clapham

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Chapter 1
Chromosome cytology

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Chapter 2
DNA, genes, molecular evolution, genetic engineering animated slides
Chapter 3
Qualitative inheritance

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Chapter 4
Population genetics Hardy-Weinberg law animated slides
Chapter 5
Quantitative genetics

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7
Genetic variation and provenance research animated slides
Chapter 8
Variation within populations

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Chapter 9
Forest tree breeding

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Chapter 10
Plant production

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Chapter 11
Forest tree gene conservation

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Chapter 12
Consequences of different breeding activities and silvicultural methods for the new generation of trees animated slides


Genetics Applied to Forestry an Introduction

Third Edition

Gösta Eriksson,Inger Ekberg,
David Clapham

Download  (size: 3,4 MB)


Quercus suber
Recent Genetic Research

Gösta Eriksson

April 2017


Genetic conservation and management of Quercus suber

Gösta Eriksson

April 2017


Picea abies
Recent Genetic Research

Gösta Eriksson

Covers up to September 2010

Download  (size 4,9 MB)


Picea sylvestris
Recent Genetic Research

Covers 1990 to June 2008

Download (3,4 MB pdf)



Evolution och skogligt genbevarande

Animerad lärobok av Gösta Eriksson

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In Swedish only

Forest tree gene conservation - target and associated species

A paper aimed for non-geneticists to get an introduction to forest tree gene conservation.

First presented at The Oak – Ecology, History, Management and Planning II 01-03 June 2010, Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey




Betula pendula and Betula pubescens

Recent Genetic Research

Gösta Eriksson



Dynamics and conservation of genetic diversity in forest ecosystems

Invited lecture at BITs 2nd Annual World Congress of Biodiversity, Ecology and Management in Nanjing, April 24-27, 2013

Session 4.1 Progress of Biodiversity and Ecology Research

Slides 2-11 is the Chairman’s introduction

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SLUs björkallé

En unik demonstration av arvets betydelse för björkens klimatanpassning

Gösta Eriksson, professor emeritus



EUFORGEN Technical Bulletin on genetic conservation and management of Quercus suber

International Congress on cork oak trees and woodlands
Conservation, Management, Products, and Challenges for the Future
Sassari Sardinia, May 25-26, 2017

Gösta Eriksson, professor emeritus




Recent Genetic Research

Gösta Eriksson



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