Topics and groups

Last changed: 03 May 2023
A man in a lab coat holding a tray with plants, photo.

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Molecular Cell Biology

Epigenetic regulation of plant development
Köhler, Claudia

Understanding plant-pest interactions and plant defense in Brassicaceae
Meijer, Johan

Plant sugar signaling and carbon allocation
Sun, Chuanxin

3D organization of the plant cell nucleus
Rosa, Stefanie

Plant Genomics and Breeding

Population genomics, quantitative genetics and plant breeding
Ingvarsson, Pär

Plant pathogenic fungi and their plant-host interactions
Dixelius, Christina

Genetics of biomass production in Salix
Rönnberg-Wästljung, Anki

Using wild plants and their genetic diversity for development of novel crops in a changing climate
Westerbergh, Anna

Beneficial bacteria interactions with plants
Lundberg, Derek

Plant Physiology

Plant grafting and vascular regeneration
Melnyk, Charles

Physiology of N2-fixing plants and perennial cereals
Lundquist, Per-Olof

Catabolic processes in development and stress
Panagiotis, Moschou

Regulation of sterol and glycoalkaloid metabolism
Sitbon, Folke

Reproductive development (cone and flower setting) of vascular plants
Sundström, Jens

Evolution of developmental control in land plants
Thelander, Mattias

Plant Virology

Molecular epidemiology of plant-infecting viruses
Kvarnheden, Anders

Molecular Plant-Virus Interactions
Savenkov, Eugene


Developmental genetics and evolution
Sicard, Adrien

Epigenetics of stress and reproduction
Martinez Arias, Germán

Molecular Interactions

Mechanisms of autophagy and cell death in plant immunity
Hofius, Daniel

Plant-Virus Interactions
Hafrén, Anders


Embryogenesis and Phase Change
Sara von Arnold

Organ development in Arabidopsis and moss
Eva Sundberg