Awards, patents

Last changed: 14 December 2021



  • The grand prize winner among the 10 top World´s innovations in engineering in 2015 that are changing the World, ranked by the Popular Science magazine (2015)
  • A course-teaching quality among the top 15 courses at the SLU NJ Faculty (2010)
  • Top reviewer for the journal Applied Energy (2009)



  • Sun C, Jansson C (2012) Usage of oligonucleotides in plant biology. International application PCT patent No. PCT/SE2012/051349
  • Jane J-L, Mou L, Sun C, Jansson C (2006) US Utility Patent Application No.10/162, 948
  • Jansson C, Sun, C (2004) UK Patent Application No. WO 2004/050881 A3
  • Jansson C, Sun C (1998) Swedish Patent No 9801031-7
  • Jansson C, Sun C (1998) Swedish Patent No 9801030-9