Claudia Köhler

Last changed: 02 February 2024

Welcome to Claudia Köhler's Lab

Our lab has a general interest in genetic and epigenetic mechanisms governing seed development and plant speciation. Since recently we became strongly interested in understanding the role of the endosperm in establishing postzygotic hybridization barriers between plants of different ploidy as well as between related plant species. We currently have four major lines of research in the lab:

-Non-cell autonomous signaling mechanisms regulating seed coat growth

-Regulation and function of imprinted genes

-Underlying basis of postzygotic interploidy hybridization barriers (triploid block)

-Underlying basis of postzygotic interspecies hybridization barriers

We apply forward genetic screens, reverse genetic approaches, as well as transcriptional and epigenome profiling using the model organisms Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabidopsis lyrata, Capsella and Primula to identify the underlying mechanisms of seed development and plant speciation.


Our research is funded by the SLU, the ERC, the VR, and the KAW foundation.

Members of the group

Jun Yi, PhD student  email
Marcelinus Rocky Hatorangan, PhD student  email
Rita Batista, PhD student  email
Jordi Romeno Romero, postdoc  email
Duarte Figueiredo, postdoc  email
Hua Jiang, postdoc  email
Clément Lafon Placette, postdoc  email
Zhenxing Wang, postdoc  email
Juan Santos-González, bioinformatician  email
Cecilia Wärdig, technician  email

Former PhD students
Philip Wolff
Thaís Cristina Ribeiro da Silva
David Kradolfer
Pawel Roszak
Elisabeth Hehenberger
Corina B. Villar
Aleksandra Erilova
Ernst Aichinger
Grigory Makarevitch
Olivier Leroy
Umut Akinci

Former postdocs
German Martinez Arias
Guifeng Wang
Lei Liu Conze
Nicole Schatlowski
Carolin Rebernig
Lynette Brownfield
Vivien Exner
Isabelle Weinhofer-Mollisch