Pär Ingvarssons lab

Last changed: 02 July 2021
Welcome to Pär Ingvarsson's Lab

Our lab has a general interest in population and quantitative genetics of adaptations in both wild and domesticate plants. Some of the major research topics in the lab include:

  • The genetic basis of adaptation in plant life history traits
  • Population genomics consequences of linked selection
  • The genetic basis of heterosis
  • Genomics-assisted breeding and genomic prediction

We combine population and quantitative genetics analyses with bioinformatics and genomics to study questions in a range of perennial species, including Populus, Picea and Eucalyptus.

Our current research is funded by VR, KAW and SSF.

For more details about out research, check out the lab website at http://pkilab.org

Current lab members

Rami-Petteri Apuli, PhD student
Carolina Bernhardsson, researcher
Helena Dahlberg, PhD student
Elisabet Peedu, PhD student
Martha Rendón, postdoc
Thomas Richards, postdoc
Byiue Tan, PhD student
Xi Wang, PhD student


SLU Biocenter room A-491
Phone 018-673230