Last changed: 14 December 2021

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Data sets to download


AGRONOMICS1 tiling arrays for Arabidopsis thaliana



PlantDB is a Microsoft (R) Office Access database with a user-friendly front-end for managing information relevant for experimental plants.

PlantDB can hold information about plants of different species, cultivars or genetic composition. (single user only) (multiple users)

Exner, V., Hirsch-Hoffmann, M., Gruissem, W., Hennig, L. (2008) PlantDB – a versatile database for managing plant research. Plant Meth 4, 1 (Link)


WinGene / WinPep

WinGene / WinPep are Win95/Win98/WinXP applications for analysis of nucleotide and aminoacid sequences. Note: Maintenance of these programs is discontinued and updates for new versions of Windows are not available.



Hennig, L. (1999) WinGene/WinPep: User-friendly software for the analysis of aminoacid sequences. BioTechniques 26, 1170-1172 (MEDLINE)



EVE - External Variance Estimation - is an algorithm to detect differentially expressed genes using  Affymetrix ATH1 GeneChip® microarrays.

R script:

Wille, A., Gruissem, W., Bühlmann, P., Hennig, L. (2007) EVE – External Variance Estimation increases statistical power for detecting differentially expressed genes. Plant J 52, 561-569 (MEDLINE)