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Externally employed doctoral students (LivsID)

LivsID is an industry PhD-program, dedicated to research and education within food-related topics. The program involves nine companies and seven departments at SLU.

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A part of the National food strategy

The industrial PhD students are employed by the company where the project is based and conducted research in food-related applied areas. Through LivsID's activities, they also interact with each other and create a network between academia and companies. 

The program was initiated with support of the government as part of the National food strategy. The program was established in autumn 2018 with initially 10 projects. One more project is associated. The program is running in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.

"Together we can do things that we cannot do individually"

At the end of 2022, LivsID gathered to evaluate the program. Watch a film with interviews with PhD students, supervisors and industrial supervisors.

Our PhD students

From beneficial bacteria to matchmaking for cows to the perfect sugar beet. Read more about our PhD students and their projects here!

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See all scientific publications that has been produced in the project on ResearchGate.

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News from LivsID

Published: 01 August 2023 - Page editor: cajsa.lithell@slu.se