Thesis and public defence

Last changed: 07 June 2023

The thesis

The research work carried out during the education is published in different ways and collected in a thesis. The thesis is the written examination that will show that the prospective doctor can present the thesis work in a scientific way and that the education outcomes have been achieved.


The public defence

The thesis is presented and defended at a public defence. This is an open seminar where an external reviewer, appointed by the faculty, discusses and questions the content of the thesis. The purpose is that the respondent, the prospective doctor, will use scientific competence to discuss and answer the questions. An examining committee observes and participates in the discussion. It is the examining committee that afterwards decides whether the respondent's thesis and public defense have shown that the degree outcomes have been achieved.



Once all courses, the thesis and the public defense have been approved, the university will issue a doctoral degree in the doctoral education subject that the student was admitted to. Depending on your undergraduate degree, you become:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Medicine


Directors of studies at the LTV Faculty:

Helene Larsson Jönsson, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415370. 
Åsa Klintborg Ahlklo, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415421.

Directors of studies at the NJ Faculty:

Elisabet Lewan, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 26 29.
Robert Glinwood, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 23 42.


Vice dean for doctoral studies at the S Faculty:

Göran Spong, Umeå. Phone: 0730-350641

Director of studies at the VH Faculty:

Carl-Gustaf Thulin, Uppsala. Phone: 0705-64 53 58


General information on doctoral studies at university level:

Lotta Jäderlund or Eva Stening