Application and admission

Last changed: 14 January 2020

SLU continuously announces openings for doctoral students. About 100 new doctoral students are admitted annually.

Apply for a place on a doctoral programme by clicking the button "PhD" on the page Jobs and vacancies at SLU.

In each ad, the department, the research subject and the requirements for the post are described.

If you would like to apply - use the "Apply"-button in the bottom of the ad and follow the instructions. 

To be admitted, you need to:

  • have been awarded a second-cycle qualification;
  • satisfy the requirement of having completed courses comprising at least 240 credits, at least 60 credits of which at second-cycle level;
  • fulfil the English language requirement;
  • show enough potential and competence to be able to successfully complete the programme.

To apply, click the Apply button at the bottom of the ad.

Any copies sent to SLU for evaluation of your eligibility for doctoral studies must be certified. This process differs depending on whether you have previously studied at a Swedish university or not.

The prospective supervisors assess the suitability and ability of the applicants by reading their degree project or equivalent and inviting those who seem best suited to doctoral studies to an interview. During the interview, the applicant is informed about the studies and the thesis work. The applicant's previous education and degree project are also discussed.

The successful applicant is then admitted to doctoral studies by the faculty board.

Read more about life as a doctoral student and about doctoral studies at SLU on our staff web.

For practical information and advice, see Living and working in Sweden and at SLU.


Directors of studies at the LTV Faculty:

Helene Larsson Jönsson, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415370. 
Åsa Klintborg Ahlklo, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415421.

Directors of studies at the NJ Faculty:

Elisabet Lewan, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 26 29
Petra Fransson, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 18 64

Directors of studies at the S Faculty:

Göran Spong, Umeå. Phone: 0730-350641
Petra Fransson, Uppsala. Phone: 018-67 18 64

Director of studies at the VH Faculty:

Jan Hultgren, Skara. Phone: 0511-67103


General information on doctoral studies: Lotta HanssonLotta Jäderlund