Application and admission

Last changed: 07 June 2023

SLU regularly advertises doctoral positions, and around 100 new students are admitted each year.

Apply to become a doctoral student by clicking the “PhD” button on the Jobs and vacancies at SLU page.

Each vacancy contains a description of the research subject and admission requirements.

To apply, click “Apply” and follow the instructions. 

To be admitted, you need to:

  • hold a second-cycle (Master’s) qualification or at least 240 credits, of which a minimum of 60 credits are from second-cycle courses;
  • meet the English language requirements;
  • demonstrate enough potential and skills to be able to successfully complete your studies.

To apply, click “Apply” at the bottom of the vacancy.

The prospective supervisors will read the applicant’s degree project or equivalent to assess the suitability and ability of the candidate. Those who appear to be best suited to doctoral studies will be invited to an interview. During the interview, the applicant will be informed about the studies and the thesis work. The applicant’s previous education and degree project will also be discussed.

If you apply to doctoral studies you do not need to submit attested copies until you have been called for an interview. In the application form, you attach regular copies of your certificates and grades. If you should be called for an interview, you will find information below on how to proceed so that SLU can verify your certificates. The attestation process is different depending on whether you have previously studied at a Swedish university or not.

The faculty board will then admit the successful applicant to doctoral studies.

Read more about life as a doctoral student and about doctoral studies at SLU on our staff web.

For practical information and advice, see Living and working in Sweden and at SLU.


Financing a doctoral education with a scholarship?

Do you plan to finance your studies with a personal scholarship? SLU accepts funding through scholarships until such a date when, according to the individual study plan, the remaining period of study corresponds to three years of full-time study before the award of a doctorate.

There are restrictions on the types of scholarships that are accepted, for more information please read the SLU admission regulations for doctoral education. Swedish universities do not charge for tuition, but SLU requires applicants to have a certain amount of money per month available for living expenses – please see the Doctoral student salary agreement. The amount should be calculated less tax, which is approximately 32.2% of the income (average rate). 

Please note that admission is preceded by a detailed evaluation process, and it is the faculty board that admits new doctoral students to third-cycle studies. Consequently, you should not sign any scholarship contract before you have a formal letter of admission from a faculty board.


Directors of studies at the LTV Faculty:

Helene Larsson Jönsson, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415370. 
Åsa Klintborg Ahlklo, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415421.

Directors of studies at the NJ Faculty:

Elisabet Lewan, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 26 29.
Robert Glinwood, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 23 42.


Vice dean for doctoral studies at the S Faculty:

Göran Spong, Umeå. Phone: 0730-350641

Director of studies at the VH Faculty:

Carl-Gustaf Thulin, Uppsala. Phone: 0705-64 53 58


General information on doctoral studies at university level:

Lotta Jäderlund or Eva Stening