This is what we do within the Acidification program

Last changed: 08 August 2023
Liming of lake. Photo

The Acidification program provides a platform for work with the environmental quality objective Only natural acidification and contributes to the fulfillment of Sweden's commitments under the Air Convention (UNECE / CLRTAP).

The program's activities include evaluating data and provide a basis for assessments of acidification status of forest land and surface waters. A current issue is the acidification impact from forestry and the extraction of biofuel.

Priority areas

The following three issues are prioritized within the program Acidification:

  1. How affect (spatially and temporally) the current acid deposition and land use, especially forestry and drainage of sulfide-containing soils, the acidity status of soils, soil water, groundwater and surface water and how can the status be affected by a future climate change?
  2. How should we assess the impact of acidification and is it at all possible to achieve the environmental quality goal Only natural acidification?
  3. Which geographical areas are most affected by acidification and how can we counteract or remedy this impact in the most cost-effective way possible?

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