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Inka Bohlin

Inka Bohlin
I am an associate professor (docent) in the Department of Forest Resource Management (SLU-Umeå). My research interest is combination of forest inventory, remote sensing and forest planning. I am also working as an analyst in SLU Forest Damage Centre with theme area "Forest fires and drought" and as an assistant coordinator in Environmental monitoring and assessment program Forest.


In my current research I am modelling and mapping different forest variables, ecosystem services and risks based on field data (e.g. national forest inventory data) and different remote sensing data (such as airborne laser scanning data and aerial- and satellite images). These models can be used for example to make wall-to-wall maps over forest landscape or implemented to forest planning system to support decision making.

I am also working as analyst in SLU Forest Damage Center with theme area Forest fires and drought, where we combile knowledge, identify knowledge gaps and develop methods to manage and prevent forest damage. My expertice is especialy in forest fires and remote sensing of forest damage and risk for damage. 

In addtion, I am an assistant coordinator in SLU:s Enviromental monitoring and assesment program - Forests (EMA-Forest) which further develops SLU's role as a competence center for Swedish and international forest resource and environmental analysis.


I am participating on teaching in the courses related to forest mensuration, inventory and remote sensing but also on forest fires from batchelor to doctoral level courses.


On-going projects

- Summary of how forest management can prevent future forest firest in Nordic countries

- Validating national firefuelmap with help of NFI plots

- Mapping risk for wind and snow damages with remote sensing and NFI data

- Developing fuel mapping to mitigate future forest fires

- Classification potensial locations for bilberry yields with remote sensing and in-situ field data

Environmental analysis

SLU's Environmental Analysis Program Forests further develops SLU's role as a competence center for Swedish and international forest resource and environmental analysis. We collaborate with authorities, forestry and non-profit organizations regarding the need for new data for decision-making. Our  focus is on capturing needs in society and connecting this with the right skills at SLU to develop data collection, analysis and new ways of using existing data. 


I have a master (2010) and doctoral degree (2015) in Forest Sciences from the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland. In my Phd-studies I was developing airborne laser scanning based forest inventory to support decission making in forest management. I have done my postdoc studies in SLU, where I was e.g. quantifying post-fire fallen trees using remote sensing and improving predicition and mapping berry yields in forest landscape. In 2023 I became an assosiate professor in SLU.


Co-supervisor for PhD students Lukas Graf (ungulate forage and remote sensing) and Cameron Pellett (biodiversity and remote sensing)

Selected publications

Research papers

Miina, J., Bohlin, I., Lind, T., Dahlgren, J., Härkönen, K., Packalen, T. and Tolvanen, A. 2021. Lessons learned from assessing the cover and yield of bilberry and lingonberry using the national forest inventories in Finland and Sweden. Silva Fennica 55(5): article id 10573.

Bohlin, I., Maltamo, M., Hedenås, H., Dahlgren, J. and Mehtätalo, L. 2021. Predicting bilberry and cowberry yields using airborne laser scanning and other auxiliary data combined with National Forest Inventory field plot data. Forest Ecology and Management 502,  119737.

Lindgren, N., Wästlund, A., Bohlin, I., Nyström, K., Nilsson, M. and Olsson, H. 2021. Updating of forest stand data by using recent digital photogrammetry in combination with older airborne laser scanning data. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 1-7. 

Mononen, L., Auvinen, A.-P.,  Packalen, P., Virkkala, R., Valbuena, R., Bohlin, I., Valkama, J. and Vihervaara, P. 2018. Usability of citizen science observations together with airborne laser scanning data in determining the habitat preferences of forest birds. Forest Ecology and Management 430: 498-508.

Bohlin, I., Olsson, H., Bohlin, J. and Granström, A. 2017. Quantifying post-fire fallen trees using multi-temporal lidar. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 63: 186-195.

Bohlin, J., Bohlin, I., Jonzen, J. and Nilsson, M. 2017. Mapping forest attributes using data from stereophotogrammetry of aerial images and field data from the national forest inventory. Silva Fennica 51(2): article id 2021.

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Pippuri, I., Maltamo, M., Packalen, P. and Mäkitalo, J. 2013. Predicting species-specific basal areas in urban forests using airborne laser scanning and existing stand register data. European Journal of Forest Research 132 (5-6):999-1012.

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Pippuri, I., Kallio, E., Maltamo, M., Peltola, H. and Packalén, P. 2012. Exploring horizontal area-based metrics to discriminate the spatial pattern of trees and need for first thinning using airborne laser scanning. Forestry 85(2): 305-314.



Lindberg, E., Bohlin, I., Bohlin, J., Fransson, J., Huo, L., Nilsson, M., Persson, H. and Wallerman, J. 2022. Wallerman. Potential of mapping forest damage from remotely sensed data. Research Overview. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Resource Management, 20 p.

Miina J., Bohlin I., Lind T., Dahlgren J., Härkönen K., Packalen T., Tolvanen A. (2021). Mustikan ja puolukan peittävyyksien ja marjasatojen arviointi valtakunnan metsien inventointiaineistojen avulla Suomessa ja Ruotsissa. Metsätieteen aikakauskirja, article id 10674. 

Burman, J., Granström, A., Bohlin, I., Gradmark, P-Å. and Lejon, C. 2016. Spridningsmodeller för brand i vegetation. Test av modeller lämpliga för svenska förhållanden. Studie report. Myndigheten för samhällsskyd och beredskap, 52 p. [in Swedish]. 

Korhonen, L., Pippuri, I., Packalén, P., ja Heikkinen, V. 2012. MMM taimikkolaser-tutkimushanke: tulosraportti 2011. Julkaisussa: Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Metsäkeskus Keski-Suomi, Tapio ja Metsähallitus: Laser- ja ilmakuvaperusteinen taimikoiden inventointi (taimikkolaser). MMM:n yhteistutkimushankkeen loppuraportti (2615/311/ 2009). Saatavilla: [In Finnish]


Researcher at the Department of Forest Resource Management; Division of Forest Planning, joint staff
Telephone: +46907868106
Postal address:
Institutionen för skoglig resurshushållning
Avdelningen för skoglig planering
901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå