This is what we do within the Lakes and watercourses programme

Last changed: 27 January 2022
Water sampling. Photo: Patrik Bohman, SLU.

The programme is a platform for work linked to the environmental quality objective Flourishing lakes and streams. We collect and coordinate the activities at SLU that apply to lakes and streams and develop the connected environmental monitoring. The program provides support for the work of achieving the environmental quality objectives, primarily Flourishing lakes and streams, as well as international environmental goals.

Lakes and watercourses programme is one of the larger programs in SLU's environmental analysis. We have a central role with many assignments from Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, including the national environmental monitoring programs of lakes and streams. We are also data hosts for this type of data.

The results from the environmental monitoring programs provide a basis for following up the environmental objective Flourishing lakes and streams and other environmental goals with water connection.

The programme's researchers and environmental analysts support water and fish management by producing assessment criteria and decision materials for regulations and measures. We also support the authorities' work with the EU Water Framework Directive and other international commitments in the field of water.

Priority areas

  • develop new or existing methods in environmental analysis to be able to follow up the effects of single or combined pressures in the environment,
  • develop knowledge of measures and follow-up studies of measures,
  • increase the use of environmental monitoring data, data quality and database functionality,
  • increase collaborations within SLU and collaboration with business, authorities and organizations,
  • contribute to decision-making for authorities