POSTPONED: CAReNet workshops with funding opportunity

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April 29th, the day after CAReNet's networking meeting 2020, thematic workshops will be arranged in Uppsala. Expected outcome from the workshops are short proposals of collaborative pilot projects and/or outlines for joint research applications.

The two highest ranked contributions are sponsored with 50 000 SEK from SLU, provided that at least one group member is affiliated to SLU and that another organization counter funds monetarily or in kind. Four workshops covering topics chosen by CAReNet members will be held in parallel.

The workshop topics are:

  • Gastroenterology and nutrition
  • Kidney and urinary tract disease
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reproduction

The respective workshops will be held provided that at least four members choose the topic.

Expected outcome

Expected outcome from the workshops are short proposals of collaborative research projects and/or outlines for joint research applications. The proposals should include title, aim, background, project description, implementation plan, involved partners and their respective affiliations. At least one partner should be employed in the private sector, at least one be affiliated to SLU, and at least one partner organization has to counter fund SLU, monetarily or in kind.

How to submit a proposal 

After the workshop the group has the possibility to continue working on their proposal until May 5th. The proposal is then sent in to carenet@slu.se and evaluated by CAReNet's steering group based on scientific excellence, feasibility, novelty, collaboration and future potential. 

The proposal should not be longer than 2 A4 pages. Brief curriculum vitaes of maximum 1 A4 page for each partner including relevant publications should be attached. A written agreement from the counter funding organization should be attached. The proposal should be written in English.


Register for participation no later than April 3using the link below. Participation requires CAReNet membership (if you are not yet a member, register easily at www.slu.se/carenet). All participants arrange and pay for transport to the meeting, as well as overnight stay. The networking meeting and workshops are free of charge (lunch, coffee and dinner is included).

Time: 2020-04-29
City: Uppsala
Page editor: malin.gustavsson@slu.se