28 Nov

The Library, Uppsala

Worth knowing Ultuna: Habitat Loss and Climate Change - a deadly cocktail for biodiversity?

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Welcome to a lunch lecture in the library in Ultuna! Alistair Auffret discusses how animals and plants have reacted to climate change and loss of habitat historically – and what that might mea for the future.

In an exciting lunch lecture, titled ”Habitat Loss and Climate Change: A Deadly Cocktail for Biodiversity?”, Alistair Auffret, senior lecturer in landscape ecology at the Department of Ecology, discusses two of the primary threats to biodiversity: the loss of important habitats and a warmer climate and how these may exacerbate he negative effects on animals and plants in the coming decades. Focusing on birds, butterflies and plants in Sweden and Great Britain, Alistair shows how various species have been affected by previous changes in land use and climate, and what this might mean for the future. The lecture will be given in Swedish.

The lecture is a part of the ”Worth Knowing Ultuna”. popular science lecture series arranged by the SLU University Library to raise awareness of the exciting research at SLU, both here at the university and to the public. In this lecture, concrete examples of how what has happened previously can shed light on what will happen in the future.

Everyone is welcome and you do not need to register beforehand, but seats are limited. Soup is served from. 12.00 in the library.

The lecture is held in Swedish and will be live-streamed. Here is the link https://play.slu.se/media/0_pcoq3ck1

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Time: 2022-11-28 12:15 - 13:00
City: Uppsala
Location: The Library
Organiser: SLU University Library
Additional info:

You can also follow the lecture live via SLU play (link will be provided a few weeks before the event). 

Language: Swedish

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