27 Nov
28 Nov

Stiftsgården Vårdnäs, Brokind (Linköpings kommun)

Workshop with the SLU Grogrund project HeRo - Healthy Roots

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Hands hold a clod of soil and roots.

Discover the future of Swedish agriculture: join us at an upcoming workshop on root-based selection tools in crop breeding. Mark your calendars for 27th-28th of November 2023, as we gather near Linköping for discussion.

This workshop is centred around the SLU Grogrund project Healthy Roots (HeRo), where we will present our findings and discuss the present and future roles of healthy root systems of the crops grown in Swedish agriculture.

The lunch-to-lunch event will take place in southern Sweden (Östergötland) to aid in bringing together colleagues from central and southern Sweden.

Food and accommodation will be provided during the workshop, and a shuttle service to and from Linköping train station can be provided upon request.

If you would like to contribute to this discussion, please enquire to jonathan.cope@slu.se by October 29th.

Note, this workshop will be entirely in English. We encourage you to pass on the details of this workshop to anyone you think would interested.


Time: 2023-11-27 12:00 - 2023-11-28 13:00
City: Brokind (Linköpings kommun)
Location: Stiftsgården Vårdnäs
Organiser: SLU Grogrund och Lantmännen
Last signup date: 29 October 2023
Additional info:

Costs for food, coffee/tea and hotel are covered. Shuttle between Linköping train station upon request, alt. parking is available. RSVP by October 29th via email to: jonathan.cope@slu.se.

Read more about the SLU Grogrund project HeRo - Healthy Roots: Development of tools for the selection of robust cultivars in Swedish plant breeding, with focus on the root system.


Monday 27th, from 12.00

  • Lunch
  • Introduction about Grogrund and the HeRo project
  • Project update inc. data on:
    • Root system architecture
    • Nutrient
    • Mircobiome
  • Coffee/tea break
  • Break out group discussions:Root challenges & Opportunities
  • Dinner & Social

Tuesday 28th, until 13.00

  • Breakfast
  • Presentations, upcoming and ongoing projects:
    • Lantmännen
    • EPICS
    • MiMi
  • Coffee/tea break
  • Break out group discussions: Future of HeRo
  • Lunch