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Anders Broberg

Anders Broberg
I am professor of natural products chemistry at the Department of Molecular Sciences, and I am conducting research and teach in the field of natural products chemistry. The focus of my research today is to find new antibiotic secondary metabolites from fungi and bacteria.


My main teaching responsibility is on the department's course in natural products chemistry (Ke0057, 10 hp), but during the last years also on the basic course in chemistry. The course in natural products chemistry aims at presenting the different groups of natural products with respect to structures, biosynthesis, properties, occurrence, and methods for their analysis. In 2013 I was awarded the ULS' pedagogical price for my work with this course.


Many organisms produce so called secondary metabolites that are used in interactions with other organisms. For example, many plants produce compounds that make them less attractive or even toxic to herbivores and many microorganisms produce compounds of antibiotic type to combat competing microorganisms. Some examples of research questions we try to answer are:

  • Can we find new and efficient antibiotic compounds from cultures of fungi and bacteria?
  • How are selected secondary metabolites biosynthesised, i.e. which metabolic pathways are involved?
  • Which ecological role or function do specific secondary metabolites have?

Information about selected projects can be found here. A brief description of a project aimed at finding new antibiotic compounds is presented here.


  • Professor of natural products chemistry, 23/9, 2014
  • Associate professor of chemistry, 27/10, 2003
  • Researcher, the Department of Chemistry, SLU, 1/2 2000-
  • Post-doctoral fellow, the Carlsberg laboratory, Copenhagen, 1/2 1999 to 31/1 2000.
  • PhD in chemistry, SLU, 31/1 1999.
  • Master in biology, Uppsala university, 1993.

Selected publications



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Senior Lecturer at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Organisk kemi
Telephone: +4618672217
Postal address:
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750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, BioCentrum, Ultuna, Uppsala