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SLU Forest Damage Centre

We produce and collect knowledge and competence for the health of the forest.

Illustrations on SLU Forest DAmage Centre's research areas.

We prevent and monitor forest damage

We research, analyze and monitor forest damage in order to equip the Swedish forest against today's and tomorrow's risks of damage. We create and collect knowledge for forest health.

With a focus on responsible forestry, preservation of natural values, and biological diversity, we contribute to sustainable social development under changing climate conditions.

Research School

The SLU Forest Damage Center's research school trains doctoral students to get a broad competence in forest damages. Here, you can network with industry and authorities. The research school is open to all doctoral students at SLU.

Shoes on a stone in the forest. Photo.

Monitoring of forest damage

We collect data on damage and populations or agents that cause damage in Swedish forest ecosystems. The data contribute important information to the analysis function within the Centre and governmental work.

Caterpillars of sawflies on a pine. Photo.

Analyst function

The analysis function is an important part of the SLU Forest Damage Centre. Our analysts investigate the risk for national outbreaks, compile knowledge and provide support in the event of outbreaks or other incidents.

A woman stands by a birch in the forest. Photo.

Our projects

Here you find our current and previous projects. We have research projects, environmental monitoring project, pilot studies or development projects connected to forest damage.

Spruce twig. Photo.

Forest damage related news from SLU

Published: 10 November 2023 - Page editor: theres.svensson@slu.se