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Johanna Lundström

Johanna Lundström


My research focus on conservation planning, forest dynamics and planning for sustainable forest management including a wide range of ecosystem services. I use mathematical optimization techniques and quantitative methods for solving planning problems in the forest analysis and planning system Heureka

As analyst in SLU Forest Damage Centre analyst function I am responsible for the thematic area Risk and impact assessments with Heureka.  

Selected publications

Hof, A.R., Lundström, J., Duveneck, M.J. 2023. Modeling the Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services in Boreal Forests. In: Girona, M.M., Morin, H., Gauthier, S., Bergeron, Y. (eds) Boreal Forests in the Face of Climate Change. Advances in Global Change Research, vol 74. Springer.

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Lundström, J., Öhman, K., Laudon, L. 2018. Comparing buffer zone alternatives in forest planning using a decision support system. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research

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Lundström, J., Öhman, K., Rönnqvist, M. & Gustafsson, L. 2016. Considering Future Potential Regarding Structural Diversity in Selection of Forest Reserves. PLoS ONE 11(2), e0148960.