Analysis function at the SLU Forest Damage Centre

Last changed: 10 November 2023
A woman stands by a birch in the forest. Photo.

The analysis function is an important part of the SLU Forest Damage Centre. Our analysts investigate the risk for national outbreaks, compile knowledge and provide support in the event of outbreaks or other incidents.

Our analysts have the following assignment:

  • To analyse national outbreak risks on an ongoing basis based on existing data (e.g. monitoring data),
  • To produce risk maps based on e.g. geodata or to develop evidence on how to reduce risks both now and in the future,
  • To compile knowledge and to carry out impact assessments, identifying knowledge gaps,
  • To contribute to the centre by providing knowledge support in the event of any kind of outbreak/incident, thereby contributing to both external and internal communication.

Thematic areas and analysts

Damage caused by insects

Maartje Klapwijk

Damage caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses

Iryna Matsiakh and Audrius Menkis

Damage caused by wildlife

Fredrik Widemo

Damage caused by fire and drought

Inka Bohlin

Damage caused by wind and snow


Socio-economic impact

Chandra Krishnamurthy

Risk and impact assessments with Heureka

Narayanan Subramanian and Johanna Lundström

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