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Lars Lundin

Lars Lundin
Professor and co-ordinator for the Swedish Integrated Monitoring Programme.


Research interests

The overall interest is directed on natural and anthropogenic impacts and effects on soil and water in the forest landscape. Both terrestrial and aquatic systems are included and the integrated monitoring on an ecosystem catchment approach furnishes the research possibilities for cause-effects relationships and the understanding of basic prerequisites. The long-term determinations and monitoring of natural conditions of complete number of included compartments at the same site gives the complete picture of existing properties and processes. Forest ecosystem functions and biodiversity in a wide context are included. The work, often related to environmental monitoring and assessment, is directed on:

  • Integrated monitoring of air pollution effects on ecosystems
  • Research and networking in the context of biodiversity
  • Hydrology and water balances and chemical budgets in the forested catchment context
  • Impacts of forestry on soil and waters
  • Restoration of wetlands

Ongoing projects

Activities are linked to longitudinal monitoring and assessment with the work under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution, especially in the International Cooperative Programme on Integrated monitoring of air pollution effects on ecosystems. Further research and scientific exchange was related to the FP7 project SoilTrEC "Soil transformations in European Catchments", EU Life EnvEurope "Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe” and has developed into the eLTER project improvning the use of LTER Europe infrastructures supporting transnational projects. The LTER network is an integrated and shared system for ecosystem monitoring with interest direction on Ecosystem functions and biodiversity in managed forest landscapes. Special interest and activities relate to wetlands and peatlands with special work on wetland restoration.

International activities

Selected publications

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Senior Advisor at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment; Section for Geochemistry and Hydrology
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