CV page

Magdalena Åkerfeldt

Researcher in pig production, nutrition and management


Research interests:

Nutrition, feeding and management in pig production with special focus on the relation between nutrition, feeding, management, production, behaviour and health. Protein utilization and alternative protein feed ingredients, organic production systems and roughage supply.

Research goal:

Study and evaluate how factors in the production system, such as feed ingredients, feeding, housing and management affect pigs’ nutrient utilization, production, health and behaviour.

Research skills:

Animal Science, pig nutrition and behaviour. Experimental design, sampling, feed formulation, nutrient requirements, analysis and interpretations of data, scientific writing and project leading. Production and feeding trials in pigs in indoor- and outdoor housing systems, digestibility trials and cannulated pig models.

Previous activities in the scientific society:

- Researcher linked to EPOK, Centre for Organic Food and Farming, for research cooperation, supply knowledge and communication, with special focus on robust systems for organic animal production and animal health.

- Expert in EPI-Agri -European Commission, focus group "New feed for pigs and poultry".

- Contact person in the Swedish EAAP committee (SvEAAP), European Federation for Animal Science.


Director of studies at the department of Animal Nutrition and Management.

Lecturer, course leader and examiner in courses at both basic and advanced level about pig nutrition, feeding and management and organic production systems.


Research projects:

Title: New by-products from ethanol production and their nutrient composition, digestibility and use in feed to pigs. 3-year project funded by Lantmännen forskningsstiftelse. 

Title: The feed of the future for fish, pigs, poultry and laying hens. Project in collaboration with Axfoundation. Funded by Vinnova. The feed of the future for fish, pigs, poultry and laying hens - Axfoundation

Title: Pressjuice from ley crops. Research project funded by Stiftelsen grisforskning.

Title: Increased utilization of ley crops in feed for organic pigs

Project managers: Magdalena Åkerfeldt, Johanna Friman (PhD-student), Emy Vu (PhD-student)


Title: A mobile feeding system for individual feeding of sows in group housing systems

Project managers:  Ann-Kristina Lind (project leader, RISE), Magdalena Åkerfeldt (researcher, SLU)


Title: Recovered phosphorus as feed phosphate to pigs and avians.

Project managers: Sara Stiernström (project leader, Easy Mining), Emma Ivarsson & Magdalena Åkerfeldt (researchers, SLU).


Title: OK-Net Eco Feed, Organic Knowledge Network on Monogastric Animal Feed, EU projekt within Horizon 2020.

Project managers (Sweden): Maria Wivstad, EPOK, Magdalena Åkerfeldt, Ingela Löfquist (Hushållningssällskapet)


Supervision to PhD, BSc and MSc students.

Selected publications

Friman, J., Verbeek, E., Sannö, A., Presto Åkerfeldt, M. Inclusion of silage in diets to fattening pigs: effect on gastric ulcers and skin lesions. Submitted to Animal: The international journal of animal biosciences, under revision.

Friman, J., Mjöfors, K., Salomon, E., Presto Åkerfeldt, M. Feeding silage to fattening pigs - effects on nitrogen utilisation and ammonia losses from fresh manure. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A — Animal Science, Submitted 2022-12-07, under revision.

Zira, S., Salomon, E., Presto Åkerfeldt, M., Röös, E. 2023. Environmental consequences of pig production scenarios using biomass from rotational grass-clover leys as feed. Environmental Technology & Innovation 30.

Presto Åkerfeldt, M. Friman, J. Dahlström, F. Larsen, A. Wallenbeck, A. 2022. Juice from silage in green bio refineries – a potential feed ingredient in liquid diets to weaned pigs. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A — Animal Science.

Friman, J., Lundh, T., Presto Åkerfeldt, M. 2021. Grass/clover silage for growing/finishing pigs – effect of silage pre-treatment and feeding strategy on growth performance and carcass traits. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A — Animal Science.

Presto Åkerfeldt, M., Gunnarsson, S., Bernes, G. and Blanco Penedo, I. 2020. Health and welfare in organic livestock production systems - A systematic mapping of current knowledge. Organic Agriculture. 11(1), 105-132.

Presto Åkerfeldt, M., Holmström, S., Wallenbeck, A. and Ivarsson, E. Inclusion of intensively manipulated silage in total mixed ration to growing pigs – influence on silage consumption, nutrient digestibility and pig behaviour. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A — Animal Science,

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