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Mathias Johansson

Mathias Johansson
I am a PhD student at the department of Molecular Sciences. My research focuses on the texture and microstructure of legume-based gels and I have a strong interest in plant-based foods, especially in terms of texture and structure formation in foods.


I am a PhD student at The Maud Langton lab, Department of Molecular Sciences. My research focuses on the texture and microstructure of legume-based gels. We aim to study different mixed gel-systems based on protein, starch and fiber extracted from Faba beans as well as emulsion gels also including canola oil to deepen the understanding of what governs certain textural and microstructural properties in non-soy legumes.


Lab supervisor in the course Food Chemistry and Food Physics (LVO110).


My research focuses on the microstructure and texture of legume-based gels (mainly Faba beans). The project aims to investigate the structure-properties relationship of mixed gels and emulsion gels based on protein, starch and fibres from Swedish legumes together with rapeseed oil for the emulsion gels. To evaluate the properties of the gels and deepen the understanding of the process of heat-induced gelation of non-soy legumes, we study the gelation process with small amplitude oscillatory shear measurements and the final gels with light and electron microscopy as well as texture measurements.

We hope that a deeper understanding of what governs the changes in texture and microstructure in mixed gels can allow for better tailoring of properties of relevant foods. This could lead to the possibilities of utilizing larger parts of the bean and simplify product development, which in the end could lead to increased consumption of plant-based foods and a reduced environmental impact from our food consumption.

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I have a background as an engineering student with a master’s degree in biotechnology (2019) and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with engineering physics (2016) from Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden). Optional courses on masters’ level were chosen with a focus on food and health.


Fanny Knab: Internship student from France working on food 3D-printing of Faba bean based materials. Main supervisor together with Klara Nilsson.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Matens strukturer och egenskaper
Postal address:
Institutionen för molekylära vetenskaper
Box 7015
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, BioCentrum, Ultuna, Uppsala