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Department of Molecular Sciences

We conduct research and education in the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, food science and microbiology. 


About us

The Department was formed in January 2017 from the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, The Department of Food Science and The Department of Microbiology.

The Department conduct research in the fields of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, molecular biogeochemistry and molecular biology. We isolate, characterize and commercialize a wide spectrum of bacteria, archaea, yeasts and filamentous fungi as well as their metabolites. Our research is also directed towards an increased understanding about microbial complexity and its function in different environments and in response to different treatments. We investigate the composition and properties of our most common foods, and explores how these are affected by different factors in the food value chain, from raw material to consumer product. Our research considers composition, structures and properties of the most common foods of animal as well as plant origin.

Or work is often performed in collaboration with industrial partners and has resulted in several patents and tech companies.

The department is part of the cluster Uppsala BioCenter.

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