The Maud Langton lab

Last changed: 02 March 2020

Our research concerns the structure and properties of food.

The Maud Langton Lab - Structure and properties. 

We characterize the food raw material, food products as well as bio-based food material by different physico-chemical and structural methods from molecule to macro levels. The overall objective is to design structures with targeted properties, to be applied in food or/and bio-based materials. Our research expertise is on:

  • The relationship between microstructure and product (food and bio-based materials) quality
  • Design food processes to achieve desired food product properties
  • Create microstructures by optimized/designed processing for healthy and tasty foods 
  • Design bio-based materials (additives and composites) with desired functions and properties
  • Study interaction/degradation of the microstructures and bio-based materials with external environmental conditions, including body assimilation
  • Exploitation of biomass for recovering biopolymers and nanoparticles

The aim is to determine the impact of raw material and process conditions for the products microstructure, and to be able to relate this to the characteristics of the products. 


Ongoing activities

  • Design and characterization of protein functionalized nanofiber structures
  • Formation of protein films
  • Insects as Food
  • The use of protein and polysaccharides from cereals and legumes
  • Conversion of residual biomass into sustainable nanocomposites

Recent activities

  • Stability of Ultra High Temperature milk 
    • Jing Lu; doctoral thesis ”Impact of sampling month and processing and storage conditions on UHT milk Stability”
    • Maria Karlsson; doctoral thesis “Stability of ultra-high temperature treated milk – The effect of raw milk quality, storage temperature and storage time”


Head of unit

  • Professor Maud Langton, 


  • Daniel Johansson
  • Saeid Karkehabadi
  • Henrik Hansson

Post docs

  • Jing Lu

PhD students

  • Anja Herneke
  • Klara Nilsson
  • Solja Pietiäinen
  • Mathias Johansson


  • Xinran Liu (Sherry)


  • Kristine Koch
  • Rosana Moriana
  • Daniel García García
  • Xinran Liu (Sherry)
  • Mohammed Salaheldin Mustafa Elhassan 
  • Jing Li
  • Vassileios Varelas
  • Patricia López-Sánchez 
  • José Luis Vázquez-Gutiérrez
  • Thomas Steglich
  • Carolin Menzel
From the left: Mathias Johansson, Anja Herneke, Klara Nilsson, Solja Pietiäinen, Saeid Karkehabadi, Maud Langton, Daniel Johansson and Henrik Hansson.


Maud Langton
Professor at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Matens strukturer och egenskaper 

Telephone: 018-671983

Postal address:
Institutionen för molekylära vetenskaper
 Box 7015 
750 07 Uppsala 
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, BioCentrum, Ultuna Uppsala 
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