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Networking in Kazakhstan for research on improved food quality

Published: 31 May 2018

During April 2018, SLU external collaboration specialist in food quality from the Department of Molecular Sciences, Galia Zamaratskaia, visited Baitursynov’s Kostanay State University in Kazakhstan, networking with researchers within animal management and food science.

Improving nutritional quality of baked goods

Kostanay State University is one of the top universities in Kazakhstan. Department of Molecular Sciences at SLU and Kostanay State University are developing a partnership in education and planning collaboration in research.

Galia met the leading researchers at the Faculty of Agronomy and Biology to discuss future collaborative projects on novel ingredients to improve the nutritional quality of baked goods.

Education for sustainable development

Galia also participated in the conference "Baitursynov reading – 2018; Importance of human resources in the new industrial revolution". During the plenary session, Galia Zamaratskaia delivered a presentation on the importance of education for sustainable development based on SLU’s experience, and explained how aspects of sustainable development are implemented in the course at SLU “Basic course - Food Agronomist”.

After the conference, the rector of Kostanay State University, Professor Khussain Valiyev, underlined the importance of collaboration within the education.

– With the expansion of new technologies for global education across the world, there are more opportunities to influence sustainable future both nationally and internationally, said Professor Khussain Valiyev.

Meeting with the top management of Kostanay State University and invited speakers. In the middle - rector of Kostanay State University Professor Khussain Valiyev.


Galia Zamaratskaia, Senior Lecturer and External Collaboration Specialist
Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU 18 67 20 05