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Writeshop on how to feed the world - "We need to be smarter"

Published: 21 August 2018

In June 2018, AgriFoSe2030 organised a writeshop in Gothenburg, in order to produce a book with success stories from research about multifunctional landscapes. Researchers from Kenya, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia gathered to improve their writing skills, and to present their stories about how to use the landscape more efficiently – for example through fish farming and growing in different elevations.

Many people are worried about how we will be able to find food in the future, but not so much about how we grow the food. The chapters in the book represent four different countries in Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. 

– We need to be smarter in how we grow the food. These four countries have 370 million people and in ten years time that amount is going to be doubled, says Elisabeth Simelton, Climate change scientist and editor.

See a film from the writeshop with interviews with the authors


About AgriFoSe2030

The AgriFoSe2030 programme contributes to sustainable intensification of agriculture for increased food production on existing agricultural land; the aim is to do so by transforming practices toward more efficient use of human, financial and natural resources.

Theme 2 - Multifunctional landscapes for increased food security

Theme 2 in the AgriFoSe2030 programme is interdisciplinary and covers all cross-cutting issues of the programme; sustainable intensification of agriculture, the central role of women and young people in agriculture, and access to markets and value chains.

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