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SLU Landscape meets Suzanne Mathew

Published: 17 April 2020
Suzanne Mathew

Landscape architecture researcher and educator Suzanne Mathew, from Rhode Island School of Design, in the US, spent two weeks in fall 2019 doing fieldwork and leading a student workshop in the Alnarp Landscape Lab.

Due to Covid-19, her planned keynote at the April 2020 Landscape Days was cancelled. Instead, Suzanne kindly agreed to meet us virtually for a conversation about her work and her impressions of the Landscape Lab as a research and teaching environment.

Watch the interview here


Suzanne Mathew is an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a registered landscape architect with a multidisciplinary background in biology, architecture, and landscape architecture, and her work draws on cross-disciplinary approaches to measure and visualize the phenomenological qualities of landscape space. The methods she has developed join visceral experience and technological survey in order to create depictions of landscape that capture its sensory, temporal, and volumetric qualities all at once. There are few in the field who have been able to do this in a way that is methodological and teachable, while also being based in both body and instrument-driven techniques.

Mathew’s work has gained wide recognition through publication and presentation in significant national and international venues, including articles in the recent publications Representing Landscapes: Hybrid (Amoroso) and Innovations in Landscape Architecture (Anderson and Ortega), and presentations at the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools Conferences in London and Ghent. In the next phase of her work, Mathew will be synthesizing the tools, methods, observations, and outcomes produced through her research and teaching in landscape spatial phenomena into a larger publication. This one-month fellowship at Dumbarton Oaks comes at a crucial time and will aid in the development of the theoretical context for the work, which will include discussions of how sensory and temporal phenomena have been written about and explored broadly in the field of landscape architecture.


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