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The digital SLU - a Statistics@SLU seminar series

Published: 15 June 2020

The centre of statistics invites you to a Zoom-send seminar series about research in data-intensive areas like precision (livestock) farming, remote sensing, bioinformatics and environmental analysis.


August 28: Dorota Anglart, SLU & DeLaval: Generalized additive model for dairy cow somatic cell count predictions using sensor data


September 4: Aakash Chawade, Dept of Plant Breeding, SLU: Challenges and opportunities for analysis of omics data


September 11: Mats Söderström & Kristin Piikki. Dept. of soil and environment: Spatial data for mapping of crop and soil characteristics: Digital soil mapping, modelling crop status from remote sensing data, data fusion, multi-scale modelling, sampling strategies, validation


September 18: Keni Ren, Umeå University: Zoom in on the precision livestock farming


September 25: Måns Thulin, consultant in statistics and AI: An introduction to statistical learning


October 2: Johanna Bergman, AI innovations of Sweden: AI Innovation of Sweden and SLU


October 9: Moudud Alam, Dalarna University: Monitoring reindeer activities in their natural environment


October 16, Johan Holmgren, Dept. for forest resource management, SLU: Forest remote sensing on the individual tree level 


October 23: Bo Stenberg & Johanna Wetterlind, Dept. of soil and environment: Spectral data from proximal sensors for analysis of soil properties: Instruments, data collection, data preparation, modelling, validation


Claudia von Brömssen Senior Lecturer at the Department of Energy and Technology; Applied statistics and mathematics

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