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Podcast episode from SLU Future Food on the Food Systems Summit

Published: 14 September 2021
Photo of Lisa Sennerby Forsse

Over the past 18 months governments, organisations, researchers and many others have made preparation for the UN Food Systems meeting. What effect can this meeting potentially have on the world’s food systems? The new episode of the podcast Feeding your mind from SLU Future Food takes a closer look at the UN Food Systems Summit.

The podcast features interviews with Lisa Sennerby Forsse, former vice chancellor at SLU and now Sweden’s representative in the Food Systems Summit Scientific Group, and Peter af Wetterstedt from the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. The podcast also touches upon the criticism pointed at the meeting from civil society organisations, and interviews Carolina Rodriguez Gonzalez, former SLU employee, now post doc at Wageningen University & Research.

The podcast is produced in Swedish. Find it on Soundcloud or in your usual podcast app.

Listen to the podcast (in Swedish)

More information about the podcast episode (in Swedish)