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New publication about grazing in northern Sweden

Published: 09 February 2024
Grazing cows in a pasture with blue sky and green grass. Photo.

New scientific article about a grazing survey carried out in northern Sweden within the Grazing Living Lab, North Node.

The article is about a survey study that was carried out on 302 Swedish dairy farms to identify strategies for pasture management and grassland management and also what challenges are seen with pasture management in northern Sweden. The most common grazing strategy on all dairy farms was continuous grazing (59%) followed by rotational grazing (45%), while organic dairy farms primarily used rotational grazing (69%). The main challenges reported for grazing dairy cows on temporary grasslands on conventional farms were trampling damage and seasonality in grass growth, while for organic dairy farmers the primary challenge was weed control.


Authors: Anna-Karin Karlsson, Sophie Julie Krizsan & Nilla Nilsdotter-Linde.

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