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The strategy for the IUFRO World Congress 2024

Published: 19 December 2016

A strong dialogue takes place with stakeholders from the Nordic and Baltic countries along the process. A national working group for IUFRO supports the work.

Coordinator Dr. Fredrik Ingemarson presents the Swedish application process.

Nordic and Baltic countries collaborate

An extensive application process takes place every 5th year. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences coordinate the Swedish bid for the IUFRO WC 2024. A national working group for IUFRO supports the work. Stakeholders from the Nordic and Baltic neighbouring countries participate during the application process.

An entertaining program

The congress includes one week with knowledge exchange, networking and excursions in Sweden. Post excursions to our Nordic and Baltic neighbouring countries will make an important contribution to the congress program.

Experienced and dedicated excursion organizers are willing to open a dialogue about global trends and experiences from the Nordic forestry model. All together this includes a variety of landscapes, forest management systems, industries and stakeholders.

Governmental support

The budget is strongly supported by the Government and the Swedish bid secure that the developing countries has a strong representation during the Congress. The government support shows the need for a higher international Swedish profile – In accordance with the national forest program!

Experiences from our previous application should this time give us an absolute top ranking according to the IUFRO’s criteria – and Sweden expect that this will be guiding the final decision!