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Last changed: 09 January 2024
Sap flow measurements. Photo.

The Faculty of Forest Sciences (S faculty) is an important center for higher education and research in the Swedish forest sector. International rankings show time and again that research at the faculty is world-leading.

Research and education are available in four locations in the country. Most of the departments, with basic and applied research, are based in Umeå and Uppsala. The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre is located in Alnarp, and the School for Forest Management is found in Skinnskatteberg.

The faculty also has access to experimental forests, research stations and long-term field trials throughout the country. The faculty office  and management are based in Umeå.

Short facts about the S faculty

  • Students: 614
  • Employees: 600
  • Professors: 50
  • Doctoral students: 127
  • Turnover: SEK 804 million, external financing degree 57%

(From the annual report of 2020.)


The Faculty of Forest Sciences offers several Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The programmes listed below are offered in English.

Forest and Landscape

Do you want to influence the future development of forests and landscapes? In this programme, a holistic approach is taken to forests and their importance to society, focusing on the different perspectives on the envirnment and management. 

Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife

Would you like to contribute to the sustainable management of the world's fish and wildlife resources? This programme prepares for a career in the many governmental and non-governmental organisations involved.


This programme is the top choice for you who are open-minded and want to achieve a profound understanding of forest management, ecology, planning and policy.

Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

Forests worldwide are under increasing pressure to provide multiple products, ecosystem services, and to play a key role for bio-based economy. A holistic understanding of forest ecosystems, and a broad set of professional and practical skills are essential to manage our forests sustainably in an ever-changing world.

Follow our students

You can follow students at the S faculty via Masters of Nature!

Contact person regarding education at the S faculty

Ola Lindroos, Vice Dean responsible for education 
ola.lindroos@slu.se, tel: 090-786 8636


Doctoral studies

SLU's operations consist of almost 75 percent research. At such a research-intensive university, there are great opportunities for doctoral studies. SLU examines just over 100 doctors each year and there are about 600 active research students.

At the S faculty, basic and applied research are conducted both in Sweden and abroad through collaborations with universities, authorities and organisations.

You can find current opportunities at Jobs and vacancies at SLU, click on the PhD tab.

Contact persons regarding doctoral education at the S faculty

Göran Spong, Director of Doctoral Studies
goran.spong@slu.se, tel: 090-786 8685, 073-035 0641

Petra Fransson, Director of Doctoral Studies
petra.fransson@slu.se, tel: 018-671864

Charlotta Bergström, Doctoral Education Committee Secretary
charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se, tel: 090-786 8149


Forest research at SLU is world-leading! This is shown repeatedly in international rankings, where the Faculty of Forest Sciences is ranked as the leading forest research environment in the world.

The goal is an increased knowledge about the sustainable use of forests as a natural resource.

The faculty's departments conduct both basic and applied, in close collaboration with the users, ie. different parts of the forest sector.

The research spans a broad register, from action-oriented forest management, over goal-oriented basic research, to environmental monitoring. Intensive collaboration takes place with other research institutions, both internationally and within the country.

Further information about the research programmes is available from the faculty's departments.

Contact person regarding research at the S faculty

Ulrika Ganeteg, Research Officer
ulrika.ganeteg@slu.se, tel: 076-527 8797

Environmental monitoring and assessment

Environmental monitoring and assessment is a government assignment to SLU that is unique among Sweden's universities and colleges. The work is structured in twelve programmes for environmental monitoring and assessment that bring together the university's expertise in each area. The programmes are also linked to the Swedish Environmental quality objectives and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The S faculty is responsible for these programmes:

The SLU National Forest Inventory is also a government assignment in environmental monitoring and assessment, which has been ongoing since 1923.

Contact persons regarding environmental monitoring and assessment at the S faculty

Pernilla Christensen, Vice Dean environmental assessment
pernilla.christensen@slu.se, tel: 090-786 8527, 070-633 7386

Ulla Ahlgren, Secretary of the S faculty's environmental assessment committee
ulla.ahlgren@slu.se, tel: 090-786 82 81, 070-662 3107


Collaboration with the surrounding society is a fundamental task at the university, and S-fak has many different collaboration projects. Here are a few described in English:

External collaboration specialists

SLU's external collaboration specialists combine proficiency in research with extension activities in their subject areas.

Contact person regarding collaboration at the S faculty

Anna-Lena Axelsson, Researcher
anna-lena.axelsson@slu.se, tel: 090-786 8591

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School of Forest Management, Skinnskatteberg. Photo.