Contacts at the S faculty

Last changed: 09 January 2024

Here you can find contact information to the management and office of the Faculty of Forest Sciences (S faculty).

Faculty management

The dean has powers and responsibilities to the extent that the faculty board delegates. The dean also has powers and responsibilities as line manager between the vice-chancellor and heads of department, to the extent decided by the vice-chancellor.

Göran Ericsson, Dean
Telefon: +4690-786 85 08

Pernilla Christensen, Deputy Dean
Telefon: +4690-786 85 27

Per Olofsson, Head of Faculty Administration
Telefon: +46907868292

Contact persons for the S faculty's areas of operation


Ola Lindroos, Vice Dean responsible for education, tel: +46 90-786 8636

Doctoral education

Göran Spong, Director of Doctoral Studies, tel: +46 90-786 8685, 073-035 0641

Petra Fransson, Director of Doctoral Studies, tel: +46 18-671864

Charlotta Bergström, Doctoral Education Committee Secretary, tel: +46 90-786 8149


Ulrika Ganeteg, Research Officer, tel: +46 76-527 8797

Environmental monitoring and assessment

Pernilla Christensen, Vice Dean environmental monitoring and assessment, tel: +46 90-786 8527, +46 70-633 7386

Ulla Ahlgren, Secretary of the S faculty's environmental assessment committee, tel: +46 90-786 82 81, +46 70-662 3107

Internationalization/ international relations

Ma Rosario García Gil, Vice Dean for internationalization, tel: +46 90-786 8413

Louise Tetting, International Coordinator, tel +46 90-786 8622


Anna-Lena Axelsson, Researcher, tel: +46 90-786 8591

Faculty office

The main task of the faculty office is to provide support to the management of the faculty and its departments, providing decision bases and administrative support.

The head of the faculty office is Head of Faculty Administration Per Olofsson,

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