Aware (Animal Welfare Research in an Enlarged Europe)

Last changed: 14 September 2023
Illustration showing all the countries that take part in this project.

Contact: Linda Keeling

The goal of the Coordination and Support Action of the 7th Framework Programme AWARE is to promote integration and increase the impact of European research on farm animal welfare (FAW). It will do so through the development of Europe-wide networks of scientists, lecturers and students, and by establishing a network of stakeholders active in FAW knowledge transfer and implementation.

Work Package 1 "Research" will enhance the integration of FAW research by fostering collaboration based on mutual recognition and by enhancing networking and proposal writing skills in motivated researchers throughout the enlarged Europe.

Work Package 2 "Education" will promote cross-fertilisation in FAW university education, thus enhancing opportunities for young scientists in new and candidate countries to start research in FAW.

Work Package 3 "Awareness and Implementation" focuses on enhancing public awareness, promoting implementation of EU policies, and facilitating uptake of FAW research.

Work Package 4 "Mobility Desk" facilitates mobility of researchers and students.

The project is coordinated by Marek Spinka from Prague and 14 partners. Contacts between the different countries in the AWARE project are organised through eight so-called 'Hubs'. Each Hub is represented by a partner institute who takes a leading role in the collection of data or the organisation of events in their region. Linda Keeling from the department of Animal Environment and Health is the Nordic hub leader.



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