Feed efficient cows

Last changed: 20 February 2024
The legs of at cow at pasture. Photo.

This project represents SLU´s contribution to a Nordic initiative for improved feed efficiency (FE) in dairy production and reduced environmental impact. The concept FE represents how effective nutrients are transformed to animal products.

FE has been used a benchmark within poultry, swine and beef production for long, but has only recently been incorporated in the dairy industry. Improved FE can be achieved by including the trait in breeding programs, but also by improved feeding and management. The main hurdle in working with improved FE is to have access to a large accurate dataset with relevant phenotypic observations of intake, body condition and production. We want to achieve this by a common Nordic project, utilising resources from several research herds and scientific environments. The project will give possibilities to improve the profitability of the production and values of the Nordic resources.


Project plan. Picture.


Project manager at HUV:

Jan Bertilsson

Main applicant:

Pekka Huhtanen

Other applicants:

Britt Berglund


This project was funded by Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning.