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Last changed: 13 September 2023
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The FreeBirds project will generate more insight in the relation between chickens’ free range use and health and welfare of the chickens, as well as, to the consequences for the nutrient load of the soil. The project also aims to develop smart tools and management strategies for improvement of the free range system for organic poultry. FreeBirds was a three-year project performed in funded within Core Organic Co-fund, and participating countries are Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, and Belgium. The project will generate knowledge about the management of the free range and factors contributing to improved bird welfare. The project will contribute to a more sustainable organic poultry production, as well as, consolidate consumer acceptance and marketing of the organic products, as the knowledge acquired will enable farmers to optimize the bird range use, according to the organic concept.

Photo: White hens outside.Scope of the FreeBirds project

FreeBirds is a three-year project performed in seven countries and funded within Core Organic Co-fund. FreeBirds aims to develop more successful husbandry practices in organic poultry production. The project focus on the free range access in both laying hens and broiler chickens. In the project we have been investigating:

Different patterns of ranging behaviour of the birds associated with individual bird welfare

Range use in birds associated with parasite infections and gut health, as well as, the impact on manure nutrients in the soil of the range area.

Suitability of different strains for meat or egg production regarding behaviour, health, welfare and performance.

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Presentation from Webinar

On the 22nd of April 2021 the FreeBirds had a final webinar presenting the results from the project. The power point presentation from the event is available here:

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