Genetic evaluation of Swedish Warmblood horses

Last changed: 25 January 2018

Since 2006, the department of animal breeding and genetics performs the annual genetic evaluation of Swedish Warmblood horses (SWB). In this project we will reevaluate the statistical model and add more information to make the breeding values even more unbiased and accurate.

Since the introduction of the genetic evaluation, the Swedish warmblood horse population has changed and more information has become available. In 2017 the genetic evaluation was complemented with 50 new traits from the so called linear profiling of 3-year-old horses. In this project the genetic evaluation will be developed further through:

  1. Inclusion of linear profiling data from stallion performance tests and young horse tests for4 – and 5-year-old horses.
  2. Updating the genetic parameters and the statistical model for the genetic evaluation of traditional evaluating traits.


The project is funded by: SWB

Duration of the project: 20170701-20190630

Project Leader: Åsa Viklund

Other contributors:


Contact information:

Åsa Gelinder Viklund
Department of Animal Biosciences (HBIO),
Applied genetics, +4618671967