Horse welfare of horses in Horse assisted interventions

Last changed: 14 September 2023

The welfare issues in horses used for horse assisted interventions can from earlier research and our own preliminary results be concluded to be factors like overweight, unpredictability and lack of control over the environment.

Positive aspects of welfare can be concluded to be factors like: good opportunity to express natural behaviour, good human-horse relations and demands adapted to the ability of the horse.

There are still a large number of questions around the welfare and training of horses in general and horses in HUI in particular. Some of which are:

  • How are and how should horses be trained for this type of work?
  • How can housing and management be improved to reduce the issue with overweight?
  • How do horses cope with humans with special needs?


Researchers are Anna Lundberg, senior lecturer in ethology, Hanna Sassner, researcher in animal behaviour and Jenny Yngvesson, associate professor in animal behaviour and welfare. Our collaborators are e.g. the Swedish Organisation for Horse Assisted Interventions OHI OHI – TERAPI. LÄRANDE. AKTIVITET and we use the Green Rehab facility Humlamaden HUMLAMADEN GRÖN REHAB - Start as a testbed.

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