The Equine Pain Face

Last changed: 20 February 2019

We develop and evaluate systematic methods to identify varying degrees of equine pain. One of the most promising indicators of such pain is the equine "Pain Face."

Recognition of pain in horses and other animals is important from a medical, ethical and welfare point of view. Therefore, we have developed and evaluated systematic methods to identify varying levels of equine pain.

One of the most promising and sensitive indicators for equine pain are subtle changes in facial expressions, the “pain face,” an integral part of the behavioral Equine Pain Scale (EPS) that has been developed.

The SLU Horses in Pain team is led by Pia Haubro Andersen, Professor of Large Animal Surgery, Marie Rhodin, Senior Lecturer and DipACVSMR, as well as postdoctorate equine researcher Elin Hernlund, and PhD student Katrina Ask. Another key member in Scandinavia is Karina Bech Gleerup in Copenhagen.


Link to publication

Karina B Gleerup, Björn Forkman, Casper Lindegaard, and Pia H Andersen. (2015) An equine pain face. Vet Anaesth Analg. Jan; 42(1): 103–114