Slow gait and Rack in American Saddlebred

Last changed: 02 June 2016

The aim of this study is to examine how the gene DMRT3 affects the ability to perform the gaits Slow gait and Rack in American Saddlebreds.

The focus will be on how easy or difficult it has been for the horse to learn the gait and also the horses' natural ability for the gaits.  We would also like to investigate how many horses that are three-gaited (i.e. not showing Slow gait/Rack) but are carriers of the DMRT3 mutation.

Do you want to participate?

Send the hair samples to:

Kim Jäderkvist Fegraues
Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Box 7023
75007 Uppsala

You can also send the completed questionnaire by e-mail to Josefine Sivertsen.

For the study we are looking for horses of the breed American Saddlebred. The horses must be ridden, i.e. we are not interested in samples from young horses or foals. What is needed is a hair sample from the horse and that you answer a questionnaire about the gaits.

If enough horses participate in the study and the submitted sample is of good quality for genotyping, the owner will receive information about their horses’ genotype for DMRT3/SynchroGait®. All genotypes used in the study will be treated anonymously. The samples collected for this study will only be used for research purposes.

Download the questionnaire and participate in the study!

Josefine Siversten

For instructions on how to take the samples, see end of the questionnaire.