Diabetes in cats

Last changed: 30 November 2016

Cats suffer from a type of diabetes similar to type 2 diabetes in humans. Similarities between cats and people include similar risk factors, for example being overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle. This project aims to investigate treatments offered to cats with diabetes, how the cats respond to treatment and how different treatments affect the pet owner and the cat. Ethical aspects related to the treatment and to having a chronically diabetic cat, and how the relationship between cat and owner is affected, will be analyzed.

For more information, please contact Ninni Rothlin Zachrisson, ninni.rothlin.zachrisson@slu.se.


Ninni Rothlin Zachrisson
Doctoral Student, Clinical Veterinarian at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Clinical Pathology Unit

Telephone: +4618671926
E-mail: ninni.rothlin.zachrisson@slu.se