Mastitis treatment strategies in a sustainable dairy production

Last changed: 16 February 2021
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The project aims are to study and evaluate current strategies for treatment of clinical and subclinical mastitis in Swedish dairy herds with automatic milking, and their effects on animal health. The long-term goal is to improve mastitis management and reduce the impact of mastitis in Swedish dairy herds with automatic milking.

The project focuses on mastitis which is the most common and most costly disease in Swedish dairy cows. Current strategies for the treatment of mastitis in organic milk production and their effects on animal health and the farm's economic results will be studied. The specific aims of the project are:

  • To describe and investigate mastitis treatment strategies used in dairy production in Sweden and also the factors leading to those differences.
  • To assess recovery of clinical and sub-clinical cases of mastitis in relation to time from onset of abnormal mastitis indicators to initiation of treatment.
  • To assess potential resilience in dairy cows in organic and conventional production.



Projekttid 2020-09-01 – 2023-09-01

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