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Last changed: 12 March 2024

FUN-LTV decides about course syllabuses for the LTV Faculty.

Material should be sent to the secretary two weeks before the meeting date. The meeting dates can be found on the LTV web page Meetings and protocols (then choose the Swedish site).

Some tips and advice when developing a new postgraduate course

Template for course syllabus

If you have any questions, please contact the directors of PhD studies, Helene Larsson Jönsson and Åsa Klintborg Ahlklo, or Åsa Lankinen

Course registration and reporting

Registration in Ladok of participating students.

  • List of participants are sent to after passed deadline.
  • The list must include name and social security number or for those students that are not admitted to SLU or has got a Swedish social security number: name, date of birth (year-month-date) and gender.

Reporting of approved students

  • List of approved students to be reported in Ladok is submitted to when the course is completed.
  • The date of approval and name of examiner must be added in the document.

Course evaluation

SLU has a university common template for evaluations of doctoral student courses and a university common template for evaluations of educational activities arranged within the framework of a research school.

Templates contain mandatory questions that cannot be changed. The individual course leader can add supplementary questions.

It is also possible to use a web-based course evaluation find out more on the Doctoral courses page under the header Course leaders - web-based course evaluation.

Course report to FUN-LTV

When the course is completed, a course report is sent to FUN, containing:

  • a list of registered and approved students and their home university,
  • course scheme,
  • financial reporting according to SLU's full cost calculation,
  • summary of the course evaluation, and if applicable
  • note on possible cooperation with another department within SLU or another university.

The report must be sent to within 3 months after the course is completed.

The course report is discussed at the next FUN meeting. After approval, the financial report is passed to FUR in the case of basic courses and to LTV´s financial support in the case of subject courses belonging to the research school. The money will soon after be paid to the department.