Organisation of Focus on Food and Biomaterials

Last changed: 07 November 2022

The steering committee of the research school Focus on food and biomaterials consists of senior scientists and PhD students. The research school is led by two directors of studies.

Directors of studies

 Members of the steering committee 

  • Professor Vadim Kessler
  • Professor Roger Andersson (chair)
  • Professor Peter Bozhkov
  • Professor Maud Langton
  • Professor Volkmar Passoth
  • Associate Professor Su-Lin Heden
  • Associate Professor Monika Johansson
  • Associate Professor Jerry Ståhlberg
  • PhD student Jaqueline Auer

The steering committee discuss and review proposals of new activities, evaluate the quality of activities performed and plan future activities in line with the overall aim and philosophy of the graduate school.

Contact, 018-672005, 018-673185