How to write and publish a scientific paper in molecular sciences (5 HEC)

Last changed: 07 October 2022

Communication of research data through publication of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals lies at the heart of the scientific profession.

The course is designed to enable students to acquire academic writing skills. This course focuses on the structure of good scientific writing. We also look at the practical process of writing, selection of the journal, and the importance of editing.

Group photo of course ledar and course participants of the previous course


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  • Organizers: Tomas Linder (, Galia Zamaratskaia (
  • Course dates 2022: (Fridays) 4+11+18+25 November, 2+9+16 December
  • Location: Uppsala BioCenter
  • Number of students: 5-10


Tomas Linder, Associate professor (docent)
Department of Molecular Sciences , Uppsala BioCenter, SLU   018-67 32 04

Galia Zamaratskaia, Senior Lecturer and External Collaboration Specialist
Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU 18 67 20 05