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Comparison of methods used to freeze stallion sperm

Last changed: 06 July 2018

Addition of seminal plasma (SP) prior to cryopreservation may influence stallion sperm cryosurvival. The objective of this study was to investigate the addition of pooled SP from “good” or “bad” freezer stallions to spermatozoa selected by single layer centrifugation (SLC) prior to cryopreservation on post-thaw sperm quality.

Semen from 12 stallions was collected; 5 mL was frozen as control (C) and the remainder was processed by SLC to remove SP and was divided into three aliquots: i) SLC sample without SP (SLC); ii) SLC plus pooled SP from "good freezer" stallions (SLC-GF); iii) SLC plus pooled SP from "bad freezer" stallions (SLC-BF). After thawing, the following parameters were evaluated: chromatin integrity (DNA fragmentation index; %DFI), mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), membrane integrity (MI), reactive oxygen species (ROS) and sperm kinematics.

The %DFI was reduced (P < 0.0001) in SLC samples compared to controls. The SLC group showed a lower proportion of spermatozoa with low MMP and a higher proportion of spermatozoa with high MMP than other groups (P < 0.0001), and had lower hydrogen peroxide content than control. Sperm kinematics were not different.

In conclusion, selection by SLC prior to cryopreservation improved post-thaw sperm quality; inclusion of SP from "good" and "bad" freezer stallions did not have an additional beneficial effect.

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Essraa Al-Essawe, Anders Johannisson, Manuela Wulf, Christine Aurich, Jane M. Morrell. Improved cryosurvival of stallion spermatozoa after colloid centrifugation is independent of the addition of seminal plasma


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