Biochemistry laboratoy

Last changed: 09 September 2020

General laboratory for structural biology, cultivation of micro organisms and biophysical experiments.

The laboratory at the department of Molecular Sciences are mainly construced for biochemical and biophysical caracterisation of biological
macromolecules. The work is mainly conentraded around proteins, mono and disacharides but also DNA and RNA. The infra structure of the lab consists of a number of different instruments for liquid chromatography and several instruments for biological and biofysical caracterisation of bilogical macromolecules. The instruments include a Biacore, CD, Dionex, Nanosight and FT-NIR. The laboratory also include facilities for crystallization of macromolecules for structural analysis. The instruments are mainly used by personal at the department but also by other research groups that we collaborate with both outside and inside SLU.


Nils Mikkelsen

Saeid Karkehabadi

Mats Sandgren

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