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Soil science

Soil science is the study of soil as a natural resource on the surface of the Earth including soil formation, classification and mapping; physical, chemical, biological, and fertility properties of soils; and these properties in relation to the use and management of soils.

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Researchers Professor Michael Gundale Professor Marie-Charlotte Nilsson Maja Sundqvist Zsofia Réka Stangl Professor Paul Kardol (Affiliated) Professor David Wardle (Affiliated) Post-doctoral

Forest vegetation ecology

The forest vegetation ecology unit is focused on understanding how plants interact with their biotic and abiotic environments, and the consequences of these interactions for key ecosystem properties

Department of Forest Ecology and Management

Department of Forest Ecology and Management Here at the department, our mission is to advance the understanding of forest ecosystem processes and to progress the principles of forest ecosystem

Tjeggelvas– Naturmorgon i P1 på julaftonsmorgon

Naturmorgon i P1 på julaftons morgon från Sveriges finaste naturskog! Jägmästarstudent Elle Eriksson och Professor Lars Östlund berättar om naturskogen och spåren efter människan. Skogspärlor i norr:

Forest History

Exploring History. Sharing Stories. Understanding the past of forests   In the Forest History research group, we focus on understanding how forest ecosystems have developed in Northern Scandinavia by

The sow a seed story

18.500 hectares of rainforest are now recovering in northeast Borneo. The area was ravaged during the 1980s and 1990s by wildfires and intense logging. The future seemed clear; planting of oil palms.


Here you can find publications from the forest vegetation ecology group published at SLU

Lab Facilities

Overview of the Forest Vegetation Ecology Lab The Forest Vegetation Ecology Lab has established methodologies to describe various aspects of ecosystem functioning, including analyses of plant and


Photo Gallery https://youtu.be/KSM-q2TbrLQ tejshree.tiwari@slu.se


Research at the department Our research is organised under seven subject areas where we develop knowledge about forest ecosystems and the processes that drive them. This knowledge is then


Here at our department, we offer undergraduates and postgraduate students an opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for shaping the future of management in our and the

Sow a seed

This project started 1998 to show if it is possible to rehabilitate seriously damaged tropical rain forests to recreate the biodiversity and value for people both locally and globally. The ongoing