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Unit for Field-based Forest Research

The Unit for Field-based Forest Research is responsible for the research stations and long-term field experiments at the Faculty of Forest Science.

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Interactive map

Svartberget has just launched an interactive map of infrastructure at the station. The map is currently in development but is quickly gaining features. The new interactive map uses the Google Maps

UAV Workshop

The 17th and 18th of april, the remote sensing laboratory at SLU collaborated with SITES to provide a UAV workshop open to anyone interested in UAVs.. The workshop was mainly directed toward those

We are updating our visual profile

Svartberget has hired a professional photographer to help photographically document the work that is done at the research station, and to update our visual profile. Andreas Palmén is a freelance and

Royal visit at svartberget

On thursday the first of september, His majesty King Karl XVI Gustaf payed a visit to Svartberget research station The visist was part of the Future forest project, and the king was acompanied by (

The board of SITES visiting Svartberget

On tuesday the 6th of September, the board of SITES visited Svartberget. The board visits a few of the field stations that are part of SITES each year, this time their travels took them to

Exkursion i skogsskötsel på Tagels gård

Exkursion i skogsskötsel på Tagels gård

Kan ökad precision ge en större variation? Välkommen till en exkursion arrangerad av SLU, Skogforsk och LNU inom ramen för forskningsprogrammet FRAS. Under dagen kommer vi att diskutera ny

Groundwater wells in cooperation with SKB

Svartberget in cooperation with SKB is drilling wells within the research area. 3 wells will be dug at 3 different sites and will be used for sampling of groundwater at different depths. Drilling is

How soil carbon loss could accelerate global warming

A study using data gathered from across the globe shows that climate change will increase the rate of global warming. The newly published research shows that as global temperatures rise, the activity

Mesocosms in lake Stortjärn

Last week, a platform with mesocosms was installed in lake Stortjärn. The installation is part of SITES AquaNet and the program as a whole will allow researchers from around the world to perform

Researchers from around the world visiting Svartberget

Last week, the annual Krycklan symposium took place, which attracted researchers and others working in environmental science from around the world. Part of the symposium was an excursion to the

News at Svartberget

News at Svartberget

News at Svartberget

Unit for Field-based Forest Research

Unit for Field-based Forest Research

The Unit for Field-based Forest Research was started in 2004, formed around the research stations and long-term field experiments that the Faculty of Forest Science runs.